Times they are a changing

Last year around this days I was still living near Barcelona (Molins de Rei actually), some days later, on the November 4th I took a flight from Barcelona to Berlin my new home as of now, and since then, things have happened in a quite fast peace…

We (with Sílvia obviously!) went there as I got a job offer from der Freitag, a newspaper, where I help building their website. With such a big move, packing, unpacking, moving, legal stuff and so on kept ourselves busy for quite some time. Thankfully I stayed ~one month with Kat and Dave (million thanks again!!) which helped a lot in getting papers sorted out and finding a flat where to stay :)

German classes started on January (12h per week plus 40h work) and a wedding in Catalonia on June  30th was the new thing to keep ourselves busy.

Right now German classes are still undergoing, we are going to make a late honeymoon to Japan1 and we are starting to get ready for the next small thing: we are expecting a baby!

We are really excited about it! All these ultrasounds and 3D images that nowadays doctors do and everything really get you the (obviously not like the future-to-be-mom) feeling that something is being cooked in your wife’s belly :D

Surely times will keep changing from now on! :D The baby is expected to be around early Spring so (s)he2 will not get frozen by the Berlin’s winter which their parents are still not used to :)

Looking back before coming to Berlin looks really far far away and it’s been only one year!

  1. advices to what to see/do are welcome :) []
  2. We still don’t know the gender []

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  1. ¡Ya eres un niño de verdad! Felicidades amigos, les mando mucho amor sudamericano. ¿Cómo se llamará? Si es hombre sugiero: Cataturco Forcada.

  2. Enhorabona! El meu consell es no deixar-se fer por pels metges. Quasi sempre hi troben qualque cosa que pot ser dolenta i que requereix proves, pero estatisticament aquests indicadors son MOLT febles.

  3. Hi, congrats! quite happy for you!

    Slight comment, though not serious : 3D images have no medical interest. Fortunately i’m not saying this hurts!

    It’s not a matter to have such, just it’s more interesting to spend for modern imagery… in 2D.

    Wish you the best!

  4. “Parabéns Gil”

    I’m glad everything is going well with your life.

    I was 2 weeks in Japan last August and I’ll try to give you some suggestions on what to see.

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