one time is not enough!

Catalan's blood bankWe went back to Catalonia for Christmas to visit our family and friends (and who doesn’t do it :) and while on Vic1 I found the bus for blood donation on my way to buy the best chocolate croissants ever2.

Whenever I’m around Catalonia3 I try to give blood (4 times a year allowed for men over 18 years and more than 50kg), but this time some ideas came to my mind:

  • People was making huge queues on the public lottery office in front of the stationed bus4. In contrast, there was no queue at all on the bus. In fact it took me less than 20 minutes to enter and leave the bus. Still without blood on the hospitals, no matter how much money you get on the lottery…
  • Just after giving blood and about to leave, one of those security money vans that take money from banks, lottery offices or so arrived and a couple of strong guys came out of it to take the money from the lottery office. Again, money needs gorilla-like people to take care of it, while the blood bags already filled where lying inside the bus on my arm reach.

Anyway, just as the Catalan blood bank system says: “one time (giving blood) is not enough!”

  1. SPAM: a really small and nice city, if you ever happen to go to Barcelona take a train there, it’s well worth it []
  2. I go there from Berlin itself just to buy them!! []
  3. I still haven’t checked the German blood donation system []
  4. There’s a huge lottery on both 22th of December and 6th of January []

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  1. at the end you didn’t mention the name or address where they sell the “best chocolate croissants ever”. People want to know!

  2. Viví 3 años en Berlin. Allí las donaciones las lleva la Cruz Roja. El sistema es parecido al de España (al menos al del Pais Vasco). Las preguntas médicas son similares pero en aleman :-)

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