Same lies, new look

Doesn’t it look great? Thanks to Vinicius Depizzol that started it some time ago and Tom Tryfonidis who finished it (and I’m just getting the credit :) we have a new amazing-looking theme for our beloved Damned-Lies!

If you happen to meet any of them, be sure to thank them!!

Even the stats look so great:

Don’t you feel an urge to start translating just for the sake of browsing it? :)

Again, thanks to Vinicius to start it and Tom to make it happen!

5 pensaments quant a “Same lies, new look”

  1. The new design is completely broken for right to left languages, someone should have bothered to check it or at least notify people who worked hard to make sure the old worked fine for right to left languages so they can, at least, test it before it gets deployed!

  2. Khaled, sorry! I didn’t check it at all. Would you mind creating a bugzilla report for that?

  3. Khaled, I just pushed a fix to make the front page look okish, could you still create the bug report listing what needs to be fixed?

    Thanks and sorry!

  4. Oh, so nice to see all the plots of the status of the transactions.
    And I love the fish bowl at the bottom of the first page :)

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