Mark some gnome-love in Damned-Lies

Wonderful news for Damned-Lies, and hence by you all dear translators!

Some days ago I was approached by a teacher at Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte which plans to make his students work on Damned-Lies!

So he needs small bugs that his students could be able to tackle. So pretty please, submit bugzilla reports, or leave a comment if you are lazy, and mark them with gnome-love.

Hopefully new contributors will be born and Damned-Lies will increase its quality and make translators more productive :)

2 pensaments quant a “Mark some gnome-love in Damned-Lies”

  1. One of my small annoyances of damned-lies is that it thinks my OpenID is different with or without a trailing slash and I can never remember which one I registered with.

  2. I can not really see your OpenID URL from Damned-Lies admin interface.

    You can always login with one, if not the other and make your browser remember it :)

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