We have already arrived from the GCDS (Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, the joint event between GNOME and KDE).

As always it has been a crazy week. Meeting lots of old friends and making lots of new ones, partying, helping organizing everything…

Thanks again to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring us to come to the GCDS!

sponsored-badge-shadowIt’s hard to summarize everything:

  • I nearly go to two or three meetings (the GNOME 3.0 status, half of the RMS keynote … )
  • The parties were great, we missed two of them (the Nokia party and the Collabora) but the others (the Canonical and the Igalia’s parties) were really great!
    • The jam session and the ice-cream death match during the Igalia’s party were a lot of fun :)
  • The local team was amazing
  • SílviaVincent is as fun as always :)
  • Now that Lucas understands Spanish (or at least he says so) I challenged him to send the Friends of GNOME postcard in Catalan, let’s see his Catalan skills :D
    • As a result an hour ago I became a Friend of GNOME :D: Become a Friend of GNOME
  • Went to the GNOME-Hispano talk and I have already subscribed to the mailing list to trollhelp :)
  • Manolo took us to see the north west and the center of the Gran Canaria island. It was amazing and it’s really beautiful, if you have any chance to go there go to the center of the island!
    • As we were there I talked with him about guifi.net and he was really excited about it. Afterwards I talked with other local guys and all of them see a lot of potential.
    • I talked with Chema about gaving a talk about guifi.net in Galicia and he seems to like it also :)