first GUADEC!

Following the meme…

Not for me nor for Sílvia of course, but for Ona!

She even attended some talks! :)

Ona on a talk

Sadly we only stayed for some days, more to catch with some of you[1] and the weather was quite hard for her.

All in all a short but intense GUADEC!

It was really nice to meet all of you again. Hopefully by next year Ona is going to speak some so she can send her first paper :D

[1] Now we know that Patri and Calvaris will take care of her for next GUADEC :)

GUADEC tip of the day

As everyone attending GUADEC is right now enjoying the party at Fléda, and Sílvia and me are missing it for a good reason :) let me give you a tip for the remaining days:

Are you feeling hungry and looking for a delicious place to eat some arabic/vegeterian food here at Brno? Look no longer Kupé is what you are looking for!

Not only the food is great but their stuff is really helpful, they speak perfect English (and the menu is also available in English) and the smoothies are awesome!

Oh and as a late notice:

I am attending GUADECI am attending GUADECI am attending GUADECTriple as for me, Sílvia and Ona :)

Have you ever smelled a newborn?

That’s what the midwife asked me 20 minutes later after Ona1, our first daughter, was born (on April 3th).


More photos if you wish :)

And, no, I haven’t smelled any newborn, but man, they smell so great!!!2

Both mama and kid are doing fine, circa usual newborn issues :)

To cope up with all advices/tips that everyone is giving you about rising kids, we found a great book3: Kiss Me!: How to Raise Your Child with Love. Which is the English version of this other one (in Spanish and also longer): Comer, amar, mamar.

It’s amazing!! :)

  1. ocean weave in Catalan, and a friend also told us that means beautiful in Euskera []
  2. no wonder why cosmetic companies go after placentas… []
  3. advised by my sister []


logotip del GNOMEJa fa uns dies que va sortir el GNOME 3.8! Les notes de traducció expliquen algunes de les parts més destacades d’aquesta versió nova.

Quant a la traducció al català del GNOME 3.8, només puc donar els meus sincers agraïments a en Joan Duran, gràcies!!!

Ja fa un parell o tres de versions que pràcticament ho traduïm tot entre ell i jo, així que si teniu cap interès en ajudar a les traduccions del GNOME, esteu més que convidats a ajudar-nos!1

I no patiu! Encara que tot just ara acabi de sortir el GNOME i per tant quedin 6 mesos per la pròxima versió hi ha molta feina a fer!

Si us agrada traduir la documentació (també és més senzill i no tan tècnic) teniu la documentació del GNOME 3.8 que li fa falta una bona empenta:

Pàgina de la documentació del GNOME 3.8

I si voleu alguna documentació més en concret:

  • Guia d’inici del GNOME (aneu fent-la a parts, no la feu tota de cop!)
  • Guia d’usuari del GNOME (aneu fent-la a parts, no la feu tota de cop!)
  • Les documentacions que tenen un ànec
  • Les documentacions que ja estan a més del 80%
  • Pregunteu a la llista de correu i en uns dies us direm alguna cosa més si ja està tot agafat ;)

Si en canvi preferiu traduir interfície d’usuari, igualment, no patiu! Hi ha traduccions per tothom!

I evidentment qualsevol altre programa que estigui a:

Que gaudiu del GNOME 3.8!!

  1. Comenteu tot el que no s’entengui/quedi clar d’aquella pàgina! []

On javascript events

One thing that always get on my nerves with Javascript is that it was a pain (until today for me) to get from an HTML element to the actual javascript that runs once you hover, click, etc that element.

I’m a visual kind of guy so my rationale was:

  • I see a button on a webpage that does something that smells like javascripty
  • I open firebug and select that element
  • I expect to have some kind of panel/hint about the events that are registered for that element without success :S

Today, tired of it, I start looking for a solution, and I found an amazing one, let me introduce you visual events 2!

It’s a bookmark that you place on your browser and if you click on it the page gets blue rectangular overlays on all elements that have a javascript event handler!

But not only that, if you hover over one of those boxes you will see what I was expecting from the beginning: the code that is executed and where it lies (which file and line).


Qualitat de servei

Avui ha passat un fet que, que jo recordi, mai, m’havia passat a Catalunya…

A casa tenim la connexió a Internet a través de Kabel Deutschland, doncs bé, com que ja fa un any que tenim la connexió, avui s’han presentat un parell de persones a la casa, han comprovat la qualitat de la connexió i, no només això, sinó que directament m’han dit que hauria de trucar a Kabel Deutschland perquè em canviïn tan el router de fibra òptica com el wi-fi, que ja els posen ells mateixos!

Increïble! Encara és hora que espero que vingui algú a Molins de Rei a arreglar els problemes que ens donava la connexió ara sí ara també…

i18n dreams, eventually, come true

And even better!

TL;DR; Praise Nicolas Delvaux every time you see him, then go check Deckard. An online tool to test translations in Gtk+ (and Glade) based applications. As a translator you can imagine how cool is that!!

You know the scenario: you are at GUADEC talking discussing about how to conquer the world make GNOME even better and then you realize a great idea: what if gtranslator was able to allow you to open glade with the current UI that you are translating with the translations that you are making1?

Half a year later, you don’t get that, but something really cool, a web based version of that!

Wherever you are Nicolas, if we ever meet, be sure to ask for your beverage of choice, you are more than invited!

Translators out there, be sure to spread this amazing news into your teams!


  1. Just like the synctex gedit plugin updates evince to show you formatted LaTeX []

GNOME needs you!

En català però eh!1 :)

Com ja sabeu, i sinó ara ja sí, el GNOME s’allibera cada 6 mesos. Com un rellotge, a les acaballes de març i de setembre s’allibera una nova versió d’aquest magnífic escriptori lliure.

Així que mirant el calendari, ja s’acosta la versió 3.8 del GNOME!

I de nou, des d’aquest humil bloc s’us demana que col·laboreu amb la traducció del GNOME al català. Només us calen dues coses realment:

  • coneixements d’anglès
  • motivació

I sobretot la segona, com tot treball voluntari2 el que fa falta és ganes de fer-ho i de comunicar quan es troben coses que no s’entenen o no se sap què fer.

Per sort,  tenim una llista de correu on us podeu apuntar, manifestar el vostre interès en ajudar i preguntar tots els dubtes que tingueu sobre tot el procés que implica traduir el GNOME al català.

  1. De fet no està de més dir que sí, que el GNOME agraeix totes les contribucions que es facin []
  2. Mai li direm que no a algú que li paguin per traduir el GNOME al català []

Current voting system doesn’t work

Warning that’s a rant about Spanish voting system, skip it if not interested.

First of all the facts:

  • in Catalonia there were elections this past November 25th (2012)
  • as we are currently living abroad (Germany1) we need to register in a special census to be able to vote
  • the last day available to register on that register for those elections was October 15th (I could make it, Sílvia couldn’t)
  • I got within a weeks time a confirmation letter (you know that dead tree thing that postmans deliver every day) that I was successfully register and that I should because starting from October 30th to November 3th I was supposed to get the actual envelope and all the papers and forms to be able to cast my vote from Berlin itself
  • … (yes, that’s a fact I was just waiting, waiting some more, and then even some more)
  • elections where held, people living in Catalonia could vote as usual, but not me
  • lots of Catalans living abroad complained that they didn’t get the envelope and forms to be able to vote, some got their envelope and papers one or two weeks after the actual elections date2 )
  • fast forward to January 9th of 20133 I got a new letter (another dead tree thingie) saying something random about the elections, but was still not the envelope and forms to vote!

So looking at the facts… should I still have some hope left that one of my new years resolutions (be able to vote) will come true?

As a hacker and computer literate I know that it could be feasible to do electronic voting, or even going to the embassy4 or even keeping the good old post system, if there was any interest in using it.

The most amazing thing about it is that nowadays, and we have done that already quite a few times, we wake up on the morning in Berlin, take breakfast, pack some stuff in our backpacks and within 4-5 hours (just 2:30 hours of plane) we are in Barcelona chatting happily with our family and friends.

How come the voting envelope hasn’t still arrived at my home in Berlin?!


  1. Google Maps says ~1900km by car, and a flight takes 2 and a half hours from Barcelona to Berlin []
  2. You are supposed to cast your vote, when living abroad, at maximum nearly two weeks before the elections are held, so that your vote can be counted as well []
  3. nearly two months after I should got the actual envelope and forms to vote []
  4. <sarcasm>Nice and friendly btw. the ones on the Spanish embassy in Berlin, </sarcasm> []

one time is not enough!

Catalan's blood bankWe went back to Catalonia for Christmas to visit our family and friends (and who doesn’t do it :) and while on Vic1 I found the bus for blood donation on my way to buy the best chocolate croissants ever2.

Whenever I’m around Catalonia3 I try to give blood (4 times a year allowed for men over 18 years and more than 50kg), but this time some ideas came to my mind:

  • People was making huge queues on the public lottery office in front of the stationed bus4. In contrast, there was no queue at all on the bus. In fact it took me less than 20 minutes to enter and leave the bus. Still without blood on the hospitals, no matter how much money you get on the lottery…
  • Just after giving blood and about to leave, one of those security money vans that take money from banks, lottery offices or so arrived and a couple of strong guys came out of it to take the money from the lottery office. Again, money needs gorilla-like people to take care of it, while the blood bags already filled where lying inside the bus on my arm reach.

Anyway, just as the Catalan blood bank system says: “one time (giving blood) is not enough!”

  1. SPAM: a really small and nice city, if you ever happen to go to Barcelona take a train there, it’s well worth it []
  2. I go there from Berlin itself just to buy them!! []
  3. I still haven’t checked the German blood donation system []
  4. There’s a huge lottery on both 22th of December and 6th of January []