Have you ever smelled a newborn?

That’s what the midwife asked me 20 minutes later after Ona ((ocean weave in Catalan, and a friend also told us that means beautiful in Euskera)), our first daughter, was born (on April 3th).


More photos if you wish :)

And, no, I haven’t smelled any newborn, but man, they smell so great!!! ((no wonder why cosmetic companies go after placentas…))

Both mama and kid are doing fine, circa usual newborn issues :)

To cope up with all advices/tips that everyone is giving you about rising kids, we found a great book ((advised by my sister)): Kiss Me!: How to Raise Your Child with Love. Which is the English version of this other one (in Spanish and also longer): Comer, amar, mamar.

It’s amazing!! :)

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  1. Congratulations on the baby and on the book! If you work at home, you will have plenty of chances to put it in practice.

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