Translation Project meeting minutes

An hour ago the meeting was over, here is a small resumé:

The GNOME Translation Project met for  around 3 hours long ((Thanks a lot to all of you who showed up and made such a great and fun meeting!!)) to discuss on how to improve the translation story on GNOME, make it better just like GNOME is getting better :)

Topics discussed

GNOME 3.6 looked good (translation wise) some concerns were:

  • hard to test due to distributions not being updated enough
  • we hope that GNOME testing initiative (aka GNOME OS) improves by next release :)
  • some QA guidelines were thought as needed to do translation testing

New design of

  • the RTL situation is not really good but Arab translators will provide screenshots on how to fix it (help needed thought)

Switching D-L to only show words

  • strong arguments on both sides, more discussion, mockups or subteams working on proposals would help changing things (if there’s a need for it at all)

Next IRC meeting

  • Gabor volunteers to run it one for next month, we will get news from him soon hopefully :)

Accelerators on app menus (the thing on the GNOME Shell bar)

  • translators feel uncomfortable with the situation, lots of modules with accelerators, lots of other modules without
  • will try to get attention from designers and developers to have clear guidelines (if possible)

Doing another survey for coordinators

  • still not clear what we want to ask to ourselves (a bit philosophical this one :D)
  • some mail will be sent to this list asking about ideas

Dropping docbook (documentation) translations

  • Gabor volunteered to ask documentation team about their plans

Splitting the big GNOME module set

  • everyone agrees that we have to move it forward, lots of technical details and design decisions to be made though
  • where to put the line on splitting modules
  • what to use as the mighty 80%

Dead modules

  • that’s a big concern we all have, how to make sure translators don’t waste time translating modules that are not maintained or used
  • idea of making D-L send mails to warn maintainers and translators about a module not being updated/released during a GNOME cycle (6 months)
  • some git sorcery is needed to make D-L work, volunteers welcomed :)
  • Piotr made a new list of dead modules:
  • discussed some way to make translators aware of it on D-L itself (showing some sort of banner or warning)

That’s roughly it :)

Happy translating!