GUADEC wrap-up

I already did a wrap-up on the Translation BoF that we held during GUADEC, but a GUADEC, even late, is still needed :)

In one word: AMAZING!

Maybe the financial crisis, companies taking other paths that do not cross with GNOME’s one, some staring at abyss, or other factors, but, for me, GUADEC started a bit nostalgic “the good old times where better”, but…

GUADEC, just like Dave Neary described ((He made a really good comparison between an Ethernet extender and GUADEC. The first regenerates the signal so that it can continue going forward through the cable, and GUADEC, is just like the same but for GNOME, it makes sure that the project continues alive and kicking for, at least, another year more, 15 and counting!)) on the opening session back at Vilanova i la Geltrú (GUADEC 2006) refueled GNOME community and its members.

As always, members gather not only to discuss and meet, but mostly to keep ties stronger and to enjoy and have fun together.

The parties were really good ((Not too much loud music so that everyone can hear and speak to each other)), both the venue and the accommodation were great and the city is fantastic!

Seems that GNOME OS is taking shape, all teams are working full steam on it and discussions, by now, seems technical and not too flamy :)

GSOC, GWOP and newcomers

As a seasoned GUADEC goer I stopped quite a few GSOC, GWOP and newcomers in general to ask them about it, why did they come, were they enjoying it, had they plans to stick around and come to next GUADEC…

Not surprisingly all of them replied with a big smile and a “Of course!”. We say GNOME is all about people, it users, its developers and the community that we all embrace, just by looking at them, how they were interacting with everyone and generally, just having lots of fun with everyone just reminded me how much I love GNOME and its community, all of you rock!!

For us maybe it’s a given, everyone is welcomed and should feel like it is welcomed, but I’ve seen quite a few other communities (FOSS and non FOSS ones) where new contributors were having quite a hard time, or that long time contributors where not helpful at all to say the least.

We should be really proud and make sure we keep that fantastic record of being one of the warmest and welcoming FOSS communities around ;)

Local team

I can not end a GUADEC recap without a special note for the local team: guys, you did such an amazing job!

The five minutes applause, everyone standing up, that we give to all volunteers on the closing sessions isn’t enough to gratefully thank you all for all the amazing work that you all did! As Alan likes, every detail matters, an on this last GUADEC, every detail was taken care of. Just to name a few:

  • the cabling on the hall was perfect: a lot of them and also in an open space so that conversations were possible
  • the GNOME foot on the floor to guide you, simply brilliant!
  • the info desk was going so smooth (and I’ve been to quite a few to be able to say that) that I feel that I was more a distraction that someone useful!
  • the parties organizations: good places, well connected, good food and drinks, music not too loud…

If I was a Strasbourg or Brno GUADEC bidder I would be really worried to try, not to make it better, but just to keep the level they set up. Sorry to repeat myself, but great work local team!