conversa al hotmail

(22:42:06) Angelita: hey whats up babe, U got a webcam? finally someone adds me, I am soo fuckin horny today for some reason lol
(22:44:52) Angelita: listen hun, I am just about to start my webcam show with jen, come chat me there in my chat room? We can cyber, I will get naked if u!
(22:46:38) Angelita: I can show u how to watch if u promise not to tell anyone else how to do it???PLEASE:-$
(22:48:48) Angelita: well since its the law that u gotta be 18 (nudity involved), u have to sign up with a credit card for age verification! BUT.. Once you are inside, just clikc on “Webcams” let me know what name you use to sign in with so I know it is you babe! fill out the bottom of the page then fill out the next page as well and u can see me live!
(22:50:00) Angelita: Please dont mention anything about that in the chatroom once u get in ok?:-$
(23:00:31) Angelita: OH SHIT.. k I am late to start my show, I gotta get off msn…I will see ya inside my chatroom babe.. remember not to mention that I am upgrading u… You can use your msn name to sign in so i know it is you..

Resulta que ara al hotmail hi ha bots de publicitat de pàgines adultes?

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